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Really Cheap Persuasion Seminar: Los Angeles - Psych Works

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December 24th, 2004

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03:58 pm - Really Cheap Persuasion Seminar: Los Angeles
I kind of feel like a dirty salesman posting an ad, BUT

I've been taught by this guy and he's REALLY good.

Unlike most instructors, you can start using the skills immediately.

And it's so much cheaper than regular persuasion seminars. These things seriously cost in the thousands.

He sent this email to people who have taken is classes, so I edited it a bit.
(Note: The website works, but is extremely slow.)

Somnambulistic Sleepwalkers members and the Society
of Applied Hypnosis are Cordially Invited to attend
the First Official CPI:Conversational Persuasion and
Influence Basic Training to be held here in Los Angeles,
California Feb. 5th and 6th 2005 both days run from 9
am to 4pm

This two day persuasion training boot camp is "competency
based" don't be expecting a sit down take notes kind
of lecture, expect to roll up your sleeves do some
drills and gain an amazing level of skill in
conversational influence at warp speed! By the way
this course is designed to take you from absolute
Persuasion Zero to Persuasion Hero. You don't need any
prior training (although it helps) just an insatiable
desire to get really good and willingness to do the

Basic Rapport - If you can't do basic Rapport, your
not gonna be good at the advanced stuff, but once you
truly understand the combined power of rapport with
state control... you truly have the keys to the
kingdom of persuasion many times you don't even need
anything else!

Adv.Rapport and State Control -- Managing and changing
your own emotional states at will!

Amplifying rapport and transmitting emotional states
(Empathic Transference) - you got a taste
of this from the Major himself in Vegas, now learn how
to powerfully use it to fuel your persuasion message
and create a powerfully compelling directions in your
subject before you even open your mouth... This is
based on having a much deeper understanding of rapport
and goes far beyond simple matching and mirroring
although that will be taught as well.

Induce altered states with a thought? Come to LA and
find out how it works...because it does!

The art and science of Pre-suppositional speaking ---
how to structure and create spoken and written
communication in such a way that anyone listening to
you simply just starts to trance out and feel
wonderful as they continue to follow along with what
your saying... this stuff works amazingly well in
group situations as well as one on one!

State Elicitation and Amplification -- learn how to
elicit and amplify emotional states link them to you
and amplify them guess what happens then?

How to discover a persons inner process for deciding
to do anything and how to link your product service or
outcome to it.

and there is lots more!

CPI: is not just about the material we teach, its
about the method we use to train you that makes the
absolute difference... We taught samples of the
material that is being taught in the full two day
training at our weekly meetings and our members went
out into the real world and used just a small portion
of the entire course work and the results were
astounding, check out our testimonials page on the CPI
website, we actually couldnt use them all because
there were just too many.

the site is still a bit of a work in progress but its
coming along nicely!

For non sleepwalkers the Price for the 2 day training
is $447.00

I paid thousands of dollars and a lot of years to
learn this material and like the first official SAH
training, it will never be this low again. Its our
inaugural training and its already filling
up(according to the famous Mr. Rick Clark)

I may actually have to cap this one in order to make
sure I get to spend enough time evaluating folks.

I'm committed to making sure you folks realy get this
material and Im not really interested in tourists.

But if you really want to jumpstart your hypnotic
skills and take those skills beyond the treatment room
and into all areas of your life, which is really what
"being" a hypnotist is all about, then you owe it to
yourself to come on out and train in CPI!

For those who would like more information please call
Mr. Richard Clark at


Trance On and We will See You in LA!

David Snyder
LA Somnambulistic Sleepwalkers

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